Too Good Not To Share!

A Poem


by Judy Doherty


This poem was written and read by Judy Dohert for the 70th Anniversary.

We thought is was just too good not to share!


It’s the members of a club that make it great,
It’s been 70 years let’s celebrate.
The club was started by a dedicated few,
And over the years the membership grew.
Golf is enjoyed and friendships are made,
Some have moved on but many have stayed.

There’s been ups and downs throughout the years,
Lots of laughter and maybe some tears.
But in the end we all have the same aim,
To take a few hours and enjoy this great game.

There’s been many changes both inside and out,
All for the better without a doubt.
For new restrooms we are no longer waiting,
Gone are the days when we did our own catering.

The course has been altered quite a bit,
Changes that have turned out a hit.
They moved a few greens namely one, six, nine and ten,
Not many will remember how they looked back then.

Greens have been altered and trees have been felled,
Where they were then no one can tell.
All these changes are done for the better,
We’re told if you don’t like it then just write a letter.

Committees through the years have done their best,
To run the club smoothly for all the rest.
At times the members have not all been pleased,
But in the end tensions have eased.

We’ve had members who served the club for years,
And others just happy playing.
No matter what part you have taken,
That we all enjoy it goes without saying.

Those that have helped to make this club great,
There are far too many to mention.
But you know who you are and we apreciate,
Everything done with the right intention.

There are members that often stand out from the rest,
Today we’d like to recognise a few,
It goes without saying we all do our best.
But some stand out from the rest of the crew.

We would like to recognise some of our more senior members here today:
Nell Climpson Lorna Cooke John Turner and Rodney Fisk
I’m sure if there is anything you would like to know about the past, they all have stories to tell.

There are two people who give countless hours to the club and are always willing to represent Queens Park at district events often with great success.

One, a member for many years standing has her name on most honor boards displayed in the club rooms and can be seen supporting all club functions. Someone we would call a true club member.

The other a relatively new member by comparison but someone who threw themselves in to positions on both club and district committees and has spent many hours mastering My Club as well as lots of work behind the scenes for the benefit of all members.

I refer to Louise Watach and Sue McLean.

People contribute to the atmosphere of a club on many levels and the following certainly do their bit:

The next is a man who brightens our day no matter what the weather. He is recognised for, not anything to do with his golf prowess or the fact that he is our club president but for his colourful shorts: Wayne Colburn

The people we acknowledge next could not be separated and their contribution to the social side of the club is unending. We would call them our most consistent Bar Flies:
Clay Green Paul Lowe and David Alexander

This person is a club icon who can be seen at all club golf days and social functions and is to recognised for his contributions to the bar wine sales:
Michael Watach.

Everyone in this room is a valued club member, and it is the loyalty of people like you that have enabled Queens Park Golf Club to reach its 70th Anniversary.

As we move forward in the coming years,
There’s sure to be laughter and maybe some tears.
The past has been great, the present better, the future well who knows.
We’ll all pitch in and do our best and just see where it goes.

Now lets enjoy this time together,
And share a drink or two.
Talk about things past and present,
And when we play next, how good we’ll do.