Thank You Working Bee Volunteers!

Thank You Working Bee Volunteers!

A big thanks to everyone that volunteered this morning for a bit of a cleanup. It was the usual suspects with Anne and Janet doing a beautiful job on the gardens and pot plants, Louise polishing up the windows, Clay on the pressure washer, and the rest of us sweeping, dusting, weeding and wiping.

  • Jenny-Naughtin-1
  • Anne-Mullen & Carole-Doran
  • Clay-Green-2
  • Carole-Doran-2
  • Clay-Green-7
  • Alister-Blair-1
  • Faye-Knight-Carole-Doran
  • Louise-Watach-Jan-Golden
  • Jan-Golden-1
  • Allan-Harrower-4
  • Graeme-Rabbas-2
  • Liz--Rabbas-2
  • Janet Flitton
  • Janet-Flitton-&-Straw

Thank you Volunteers

Jenny Naughtin

Anne Mullen

Carole Doran

Alister Blair

Faye Knight

Louise Watach

Jan Golden

Allan Harrower

Liz Rabbas

Graeme Rabbas

Janet Flitton

Jane Simpson

Clay Green

Nikki Green