Club Update – COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) 19/03/2020

Club Update – COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) 19/03/2020

Today we have received notification from the SWGA that all SWGA Pennant and District run events are cancelled for the foreseeable future.

In addition, Golf Australia have provided the following advice.

” To assist Districts in their decision-making processes for upcoming District competitions due to
COVID-19, Golf Australia (GA) provides the following advice regarding the playing of events.

GA encourages clubs to continue playing the game at club level and maintain an active
community for other health and mental wellbeing purposes (continue to review GA’s latest
general communication regarding COVID-19 at

However, it is our recommendation that the following events be suspended until further notice:

  • All Country District events including Pennant
  • All “open” club tournaments
  • Any event that is highly frequented by visitors from other communities
    The rationale for this recommendation for country events (as it was for GA’s decision to cancel
    national championships) is to limit the travel and interaction between communities in an effort to
    reduce the spread of the virus.

Ultimately the final determination is at the discretion of each District based on their individual
circumstances and should events proceed, the general advice from GA and the Government
needs to be considered (i.e. measures to minimise large crowds, measures to minimise the
transmission of the disease, etc).

It is regrettable that some events may be cancelled or postponed, however, we reiterate that we
are not advocating that golf stop being played. GA still encourages golf clubs to continue to
conduct their regular competitions and social play in accordance with the safety measures
outlined by the Australian Government and GA’s continued updated club and facility advice.”

At the time of writing, all Queens Park Golf Club weekly competitions are still running, however we ask that you please adhere to the current Australian Government safety measures.

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