Club Update – Get The MiScore App!

Club Update – Get The MiScore App!

To Queens Park Golf Club Members,

Whilst the Clubhouse has been collecting dust without us all down there, the committees have still been working behind the scenes preparing for our triumphant return.

In preparation, and the expectation of social restrictions remaining in force, we have signed up the Club for MiScore.

This new app has been supplied free of charge until the end of September for all Club members use. The cost after this introduction period is $16.80 (inc. GST) per year which each member can choose to pay. Broken down, if you play once a week with this app, it will cost you approx. 32c per round.

Please have a look at the information below, MiScore may be the only way any of us can submit a scorecard upon our return. This app from MiClub offers great features and functionality with more updates coming in the near future.

I have set up daily competitions on MiClub for you all (Men and Ladies combined) to have a practice on, starting today until Friday. You will need to mark someone else’s “card”, please book in another person in MiClub if you wish to have a practice. It’s very easy to use and you don’t need to add up strokes or work out stableford or par scores. Just put your gross score and the app does the rest.

There is also a User Guide and Tutorials within the app in the Settings Menu to help if you have any probs or want to learn more. Currently, this is only available for Stroke, Stableford and Par competitions but more comp types will be added progressively.

To login to the app, use your MiClub username and password (same number as when you book online or print out your scorecard, if you have not changed your password it will be your postcode).

Club Update - Get The MiScore App!

This is the app icon you are looking for to download from your respective app store (links below).

Club Update - Get The MiScore App!

Club Update - Get The MiScore App!

Below is a link and a PDF attachment to help with download, setup and an overview of the features currently available to participants.

We hope you enjoy the new technology. Please embrace the opportunity we have all been given to try this app free of charge. MiClub have also currently waived setup fees to assist all golf clubs and their members and should be commended for their generosity and commitment during these trying times. With the inbuilt functionality, $16.80 per year seems a reasonable cost.

I will note, IF we are unable to accept paper cards due to ongoing restrictions, this MAY be the only way we can accept scores for comps and handicapping purposes. I understand some members do not have smartphones; this may still be an issue for these people entering comps or wanting to be handicapped. Worst case, these members may still get out and play a social round. Paper cards will be used again, at some point. The app will not be the only way to submit scores permanently, it will be an option.

I expect multiple questions, please contact me and I will get back to you. Some queries may be sorted out over the phone. I am learning too so I may not be able to answer everything.

Yours, soon to be golfing again,

Clay Green
QPGC Club Captain.