News Bites – 23/08/20

News Bites – 23/08/20

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MiScore Will Be Free for Members!

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    MiScore has been working well and proving to be very popular with members who are using it. The free trial period finishes in September. The General Committee has approved the purchasing of a club license to support our members to keep safe.
    Further details will be posted in September if any actions need to be undertaken to apply the licensing arrangements at the Club.

Membership Fees – Special Consideration

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    Members from time to time seek support to suspend their membership fees when they are not able to continue playing for a set period of time due to illness or other compassionate grounds.

    The following procedure has been approved by the General Committee to support our members in need of special consideration:

    • Members must apply for special consideration for suspension of their membership in writing to the Treasurer for a period of less than one year.
    • If suspending membership due to illness, compassionate grounds, etc, the individual’s Golf Link No will be put on hold and pro rata membership fees will be applied, if the member reactivates membership within one year.
    • During the suspension period, the member cannot play in competitions at Queens Park Golf Club or any other club.
    • If the suspension period is more than one year, then the individual will need to reapply as a new member of Queens Park Golf Club Inc.

Queens Park Golf Club Inc 2020 Annual General Meeting

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    It is planned to hold the 2020 AGM in the second week of November online via Zoom. A notice of meeting with reports and nomination forms for Officers and other General Committee members will be issued via email and post to all members. The information issued will also include instructions on how to download Zoom (if required) and a link to the AGM meeting.

    It is unlikely that a full member face to face meeting will be safe or permitted at this time.

    Consumer Affairs Victoria recommends using alternative means to hold AGMs such as tele or video conferencing for incorporated associations. The Associations Incorporation Act 2012 permits members to take part in general meetings by using technology that allows members to clearly and simultaneously communicate with each other, regardless of the incorporated association’s rules regarding this.

    Golf Australia has issued notes on how to conduct AGMs in 2020 and our meeting will be hosted by Chris Crabbe, Golf Australia’s Regional Development Officer, via Zoom. Members will be given an opportunity to submit any questions they may have via email prior to the meeting so answers can be prepared and provided prior to the meeting. Questions can be referred to the meeting if necessary.

    It is hoped that as many members as possible will be able to join in for our 2020 Annual General Meeting.

Life Membership Nomination Guide

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    A guide to the Life Membership nomination process has been developed and available on the Club’s website at :
    The Life Membership Nomination Guide was approved by the General Committee at its August meeting as a working document that can be tested and updated at a later date with approval by the General Committee. The guide is designed to assist members completing nominations and to gives the membership an understanding of the process.

Vision 2025 – Even Par Update

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    The Queens Park Golf Club General Committee has prepared a Vision 2025 Leadership Statement, and it is as follows:

    Golf Australia’s Vision 2025: The Future of Women and Girls in Golf national strategy aims to ensure that golf is a sport where women and girls are inspired to participate, feel welcomed and nurtured throughout, and empowered to achieve their goals.

    The Vision 2025 national strategy is playing a critical role in increasing female leadership and participation in golf in Australia through four key areas of the game

    1. Culture and leadership
    2. Grassroots
    3. High performance and coaching
    4. Marketing and positioning

    Queens Park Golf Club acknowledges the important role community golf clubs will play in transforming our sport into one that is highly engaging, accessible and fully inclusive for women and girls.

    Queens Park Golf Club officially supports Golf Australia’s Vision 2025 national strategy and commits to participation in national initiatives designed to increase the engagement of women and girls in golf.

    The Even Par Program is part of this strategy – it is a four part workshop series to enhance the capacity of golf clubs and their leaders to bring about greater gender equity for their membership, and to ensure the game is accessible for everyone in our community.

    Members of the General Committee have attended Even Par Workshops. To support clubs’ abilities to self reflect on their policies, practices and operations, and how they can facilitate a safe, fair and welcoming space for women and girls, Golf Australia has developed the Even Par Club Review. Queens Park has conducted the Club Review and from this will develop an Action Plan for the Club to increase membership and the engagement of women.

    The Action Plan addresses areas for improvement identified in the club review and are categorised across the four main pillars of Vision 2025 listed above.

    Vision 2025 – Even Par is a standard agenda item at the monthly General Committee meetings. Club members are encouraged to become involved in the development of our Vision 2025 work. Please contact Janet Flitton on 0404 206 862.

Strategic Plan

Planning for the Future

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    On 5 March 2020, Nikki Green (Treasurer), Jan Golden (Secretary), Clay Green (Club Captain) and I met with Guy Chapple, from Well Played (Golf Business Consultancy), who has been appointed by COGG as an independent contractor to assist us to model the various options and potential opportunities for the Club.

    Guy has provided a financial modelling tool to use to establish the various scenarios but some data still needs to be included to ensure the full picture is being considered.
    We were asked to consider the following at a General Committee meeting to define:

    • Why the Club exists – Purpose
    • What the Club aspires to be – Vision
    • What’s important to ensure the Club’s ongoing success – Key Objectives

    During our meeting we had a quick brainstorm of ideas on what could the Club’s Key Objectives, including:
    • Want to retain identity of QPGC
    • Acknowledge history
    • Be part of a profitable business overall
    • Keep it affordable for members
    • Invest to grow the business
    • Grow the business to contribute to capital improvements
    • Help the Club grow membership
    • Club and surrounds we’re proud of
    • Key/respected tenant of the QP precinct

    Notes from the meeting were tabled at our General Committee meeting held on 16 March. It was planned that the Committee would meet with Guy to provide more detail to inform an assessment framework and recommendations to be shared with the full membership. Due to the the COVID-19 restrictions, the meeting has not been held as yet. The Committee continues to meet via Zoom and we hope to schedule a follow up meeting with Guy via Zoom in the near future. If possible, we will seek to record Guy’s presentation or provide hardcopies of the presentation for our members.

    We cannot plan to conduct a face to face, full membership meeting in the foreseeable future. It is essential that all members are given the opportunity to consider the background Guy presents covering participation rates, successful club models, etc, plus to view and consider the all important financial and structural modelling scenarios.

    Ultimately, it will be the members who decide.

    As you will appreciate in the current climate timelines are being reviewed to accommodate the restrictions in place. Our President, Wayne Colbourne, will maintain communication with COGG representatives to determine timelines and support given our changed circumstances.

    It is important that we have a planned approach that ensures the ongoing success of our Club for our current and future members. In the meantime, any developments will be communicated to you via our website, email and/or Facebook.