Victorian Government Announcement – October 11, 2020

Victorian Government Announcement – October 11, 2020

On October 11, the Victorian Government announced further changes to restrictions in Regional Victoria effectively immediately.

ID Sightings – Regional Victoria


Businesses in regional Victoria will now be required to refuse seated service or bookings for residents from metropolitan Melbourne. This applies to hospitality businesses, accommodation, beauty and personal services and tourism operators.

• Businesses must sight a photo ID (such as a driver’s licence or proof of age card containing place of residence) and match the appearance and details of the customer or visitor (name and address) to ensure the individual is not from metropolitan Melbourne.

• If the individual is a resident in metropolitan Melbourne, businesses must inform them that they will be refused service.

• Where a prospective customer or visitor does not have photo ID or their ID does not match their ordinary residence or principal residence — the prospective customer or visitor must sign a written form confirming their primary place of residence is not in metropolitan Melbourne. A government template is available below.