Ladies Captain Update – Jan 2021

Ladies Captain Update – Jan 2021

Due to COVID we have not been having presentation after golf and this has compromised the ability to keep you all up to date.

The following are issues  l would like to bring to your notice .

1. The eclectic, birdies and gobblers commence from this Saturday 30th January and for Wednesday on Feb 3rd

    • There is no entry fee as in the past.
    • For those new members who are not aware what the above are, please just ask any committee member or lady member for help
    • MiClub automatically enters and updates the Eclectic you don’t have to do anything, however it is your responsibility to record your Birdies and Gobblers.
    • Bev Sedgman is the go to Lady for this – she will have the Birdie & Gobblers  books with her on Wed & Sat- you can also text her with the date and hole number of your birdie or gobbler, if you don’t catch up with her.
    • Just remember if you hole from off the green with a putter it new counts as a gobbler.

2. When required to count putts for the competition you need to mark on a card and submit a photo of the card to Sue McLean.

3. 1st Round of Golden Putter is this Saturday – any Saturday player  who prefers to enter the Wednesday Golden Putter please let me know before Sat 30th.

4. At the moment until it is cleared the tree down on the 13th fairway should be treated as GUR – free relief no closer to the hole.

    • Preferred  Lies –  will  be removed starting  on the Ladies Day of the Open onwards.

5. Tee Times: Wednesdays.

The Wednesday booking sheet has been amended to show tee times starting from 8.04am.

I realize that the Men can hit off earlier on Tues & Wed so why can’t we??
The simple answer is we could but the Men don’t have a Tee Steward and the Ladies do.

As we are still not having Comp Day Presentations we are not able to pass on the information we normally do, it is important that we have a Tee Steward to make sure the field is given any instructions needed for the days comp and to adjust the field as necessary due to players  pulling out etc.

Regards to Saturday Players who play earlier than 10am l will contact one member of each group to pass on any instructions etc. if required.

I trust you look favourably on this action and realize that it is done in the best interest of all the players.

6. When accessing the booking sheet just check to see if there are any notes for the ladies at the start of the page. Sue has put one up this week.

7. The club has been in discussion with Golf Australia and at the moment

    • the cups have been turned up the right way
    • no rakes for bunkers so preferred lies still apply
    • flags still not to be removed- 1 stroke penalty applies
    • nearest the pins working on trying to get them back in a covid safe way
    • issues to remember we are a Public golf course  and open to the general public golfers and non golfers alike.

8. Sunday Pennant starts on the 28th February  – team will be announce soon and it is fantastic that 2 of newer members are going to be playing.

    • Div 3  Pennant commences 26th March
    • Div 6  Pennant commences 26th March
    • Div 7  Pennant commences 16th April

9. Bowls & Ladies Club Events

    • Check on Notice Board.
    • Salley Massey is the Bowls Co-ordinator.
    • Any issues or queries please feel free to contact me.

10. Our Open is only 2 weeks away – has everyone entered?
The Open will be a little different to last year – the numbers at this stage are down, but with the restrictions and uncertainty of Covid it is a great achievement  to be able to have it at all.

I am looking forward to playing and wish everyone good luck.

Kind Regards
Carole Doran
Lady Captain