Club Update – Temporary Rules & Conditions (March 2022)

Club Update – Temporary Rules & Conditions (March 2022)

TEMPORARY RULES UPDATED 14/03/2022 (effective 15/03/22)

Please follow all social distancing, congregation and hygiene regulations and procedures put in place by the Government, the Club and the Pro-shop.


  • Select the player you will mark, enter your score as marker
    • Marker (phone owner) is to sign at end of round. Verbal confirmation of scores must still occur before being submitted.
    • Once scores are submitted via app, they are considered final.
    • If there is a player/s in your group without the app, please mark their score. (Any additional scores of another player in the group can also be submitted after submitting first scores.) The markers score can be retrieved and entered into MiClub as a valid score.
      • If you have 3-4 players in your group, only 2 players have the app. The 2 app users score the 1-2 non-app users. Every markers score is retrievable for competition and handicapping.
    • If you are a marker or player being scored with the app, you do not need to email a physical scorecard. Once submitted via app, your scores are recorded in system for retrieval and manual entry. Exception: Putting Scores, see scorecards below.

Scorecards – Only when MiScore is not available in your group:

  • Use of Scorecards is highly discouraged. This option is being implemented for members who genuinely cannot be scored by the app. See above.
  • Cards will be able to be used BUT NOT TO BE RETURNED INTO SCORECARD SLOTS. The PRO-SHOP will only accept cards when given authority. Any card left at the Club will only be accepted, for handicap purposes or competitions not supported by the MiScore App.
  • If using a card, please take a green fee card (unless a pre-printed card has been issued) from the pro-shop and fill out.
    • Players Name,
    • Markers Name,
    • Players GolfLink number and Daily Handicap,
    • Date of Play,
    • Card needs to be legible, unreadable cards cannot be entered. Please print your names in capitals.
  • Marker is to sign signatures on scorecard. Verbal confirmation of scores must still occur before being submitted.
  • To Submit a Scorecard – Take a photo of the card and email to:
  • Men’s Comp –
  • Ladies Comp –
  • Emails are to be sent by 4pm on day of play or will not be accepted.
  • Pre-printed Cards maybe placed in Box provided.
  • Cards for putting rounds maybe placed in Box provided, as a backup for when MiScore fails to submit putts from the round. (This can happen when submitting scores for other players in the group)

Scorecards to gain your handicap (for members without a handicap only).

If submitting a card to gain your handicap, please take a photo of your card and email to:

RULE T2: IRRIGATION WORKS & Abnormal Course Conditions G.U.R.

  • Any Irrigation trenching areas in the general area are G.U.R.
  • The ball maybe dropped without penalty at the nearest point of relief no nearer to the hole.
  • The bare ground on 10th right fairway, where Canoe tree was removed, may also be treated as GUR under Rule 16.1


a. Leaving Flagstick in Hole

(1) Player May Leave Flagstick in Hole.

The player may make a stroke with the flagstick left in the hole, so that it is possible for the ball in motion to hit the flagstick.

The player must decide this before making the stroke, by either:

    • Leaving the flagstick where it is in the hole or moving it so that it is centred in the hole and leaving it there, or
    • Having a removed flagstick put back in the hole.

(2) No Penalty If Ball Hits Flagstick Left in Hole. If the player makes a stroke with the flagstick left in the hole and the ball in motion then hits the flagstick.

 b. Removing Flagstick from Hole

(1) Player May Have Flagstick Removed from Hole.

The player may make a stroke with the flagstick removed from the hole, so that his or her ball in motion will not hit the flagstick in the hole.

The player must decide this before making the stroke, by either:

    • Having the flagstick removed from the hole before playing the ball, or
    • Authorizing someone to attend the flagstick, which means to remove it by:
      • First holding the flagstick in, above or next to the hole before and during the stroke to show the player where the hole is, and
      • Then removing the flagstick after the stroke is made.

c. Ball Resting Against Flagstick in Hole

If a player’s ball comes to rest against the flagstick left in the hole:

  • If any part of the ball is in the hole below the surface of the putting green, the ball is treated as holed even if the entire ball is not below the surface.
  • If no part of the ball is in the hole below the surface of the putting green:
    • The ball is not holed and must be played as it lies.
    • If the flagstick is removed and the ball moves (whether it falls into the hole or moves away from the hole), there is no penalty and the ball must be replaced on the lip of the hole (see Rule 14.2)


  • Bookings are essential to play. No booking, no play.
  • Failure of members to comply with Covid-19 Laws and Temporary Club Rules may result in sanctions being applied.
  • The use of scorecards will be reviewed regularly. Failure to comply with Rule T1 and Social distancing in this regard may result in Scorecard option being removed completely.
  • Sand buckets. Please bring a sand bucket or container to hold sand. We cannot stress enough how important this is to keep our course in good condition and expect all members to help fill divots, plug marks, etc.
  • ‘Nearest the Pins’ have been reinstated. Sanitiser may be provided at NTP greens for your use.