Thank You from Barry

Thank You from Barry

19th March. 2022

To the Committee and Members of the Queens Park Club,

I wish to express my extreme gratitude to every Member of the Golf Club, for their reactions on the day of my cardiac arrest.

In particular, Wayne Colbourne and Eldon Barker, for performing CPR, until the Lady Doctor Georgina, was assisted over the fence, which was risky in itself. Georgina took charge, but still needed assistance, in applying CPR, till the Fire Rescue Unit arrived and then the Ambulances. I am told that Stewart Mc.Donald, provided the verbal encouragement on the day.

To Bob Kelly, for going to the Clubhouse and picking up then Defibrillator and then driving around the Course and asking groups to hold back.

Aaron Rayson, for directing Ambulances onto the course and ferrying my wife Janice, to and from the incident.

To my playing group, Alister Blair, Allan Harrower and Leo Graham, for even in shock, their assistance at the scene and calling the Ambulance, contacting Janice and organising my gear and getting it home, with my car.

I have been told by the medical experts, that this quick response, contributed to my successful recovery.

Also, Thanks to all the members who hung back and eventually missed out on their daily competition.

I have no recollection of the day, so I hope no one has been overlooked.

I am gradually improving and looking forward to going back down to the club, even for a coffee.

My family and I will be forever indebted, to everyone who assisted on the day.


Barry Williams