Changes to Temporary Local Rules

Changes to Temporary Local Rules



The temporary local rules that were in place for scoring & signing has been removed.

Recording of players and markers scores has been reinstated on physical scorecards as per the Rules of Golf.

To remind players, please continue to use the MiScore App wherever possible.

1. SCORING ON MISCORE APP remains the same when all players in a group use the app.

Players will continue to mark and score for their playing partner and themselves in singles competitions, stroke, stableford & par. In most partner competitions choose your playing partner at the start then continue with scoring as required.

  • Select the player you will mark, enter your score as marker (phone owner).
  • Record both yours and player scores.
  • At the end of round, verbal confirmation of scores must occur before signing and submitting.
  • The scores will not be uploaded if there is a discrepancy on any hole score of marker and scorers’ records. Check that all individual hole scores match if necessary.

If there is a player in your group without the app please mark their scores on the app and once checked, submit. You must also check scores and sign their physical scorecard, as their Player.


– Only when MiScore is not available in your group or an individual does not use the app.
– Or when cards are pre-printed for use in competitions not fully supported by MiScore app:

When using a scorecard fill in the following information as the marker:

  • Players Name, printed (this is a player using the Miscore App and scoring your scores)
  • Markers Name, printed (this is you)
  • GolfLink numbers,
  • Daily Handicap and date.
  • Cards need to be legible.

Once scores checked and confirmed at the end of the competition, TWO clearly written signatures are required; the player and the markers.
(Cards can now be exchanged for signing.)
Scorecard must be Submitted – Hand into the Proshop or place in box provided.

Scorecards to gain your handicap (only for new members without a handicap):

If submitting a card to gain your handicap, please take a photo of your card and email to

Match Committee. May 2022


Please take a moment to review the current rules, including other changes to G.U.R.