May 2022 Committee Update

May 2022 Committee Update

Key Dates:

Wednesday 1st June: Golf Australia’s Female Engagement Manager to speak to members at the Club – all members welcome

Monday 6th June: Members forum regarding the Strategic Plan – all members welcome

Our Lease and the City of Greater Geelong – Golf Facilities Strategy

The lease will be extended until 30 June 2023 and the Committee work with Council to beautify the course.

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Queens Park General Committee formally advised City Council by letter on 28 March 2022 that the Club has decided on Option 2 – Outsourcing Management.  The Club has received written confirmation from Council that the lease will be extended until 30 June 2023.

General Committee will meet with City Council in May to workshop the scope of the Request for Proposal that will go out to the market.  A Request for Proposal is less formal than a Request for Tender process, it outlines a set of guidance statements about information the tenderer would like to receive.

This is our opportunity to include valuable information about the Club to assist in finding the right Management Operator.  Information about our history, how we currently operate with regard to our competition days and tournaments and most important our non-negotiable and negotiable issues.

The General Committee welcomes your input and opinions – please speak with a General Committee Member about your concerns and ideas.

Beautification Works and OH&S Issues

The Committee are working with City Council to beautify our Course so it presents well during this process.  A ‘wish list’ has been sent to the Parks and Garden Team of City Council.  Most important on this list is the improvement or replacement of walking tracks on the Course that are presently unsafe.

Cafe Bar Bistro

New Club House

Committee views initial drawings for the new Club House.

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A new Clubhouse for the Queens Park Golf Club is to be built on the existing space of the present Clubhouse.  It is expected the process will take three to three and a half years.

Members of the General Committee met with the City Council Infrastructure Team and the Consultant Architect on two occasions during April and May.  We examined the initial drawings – the mud-mapping process – and discussed our ideas and preferences with regard to a Members Room, the Outside Area, Cart Storage and car parking.  The management of facilities during the demolition and Construction was also discussed.

The next step is to develop computer drawings of the Clubhouse design.  The next meeting with City Council is on Wednesday 15th June.

Irrigation Works & Oval Lighting

CHMP on track for completion by September 2022 and oval footing works commence.

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The Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) process is underway.  You will have noticed the excavation of test pits on the 10th, 11th and 12th Fairways, also around the off-course area between the 1st and 18th Greens.

The CHMP is at present on track to be completed by September 2022.

Oval Sports Lighting

Footing works recommenced on the bottom oval may affect the use of the tee area of the 12th Hole and the 11th Green when drilling.  Please follow any signage.

Queens Park Golf Club Committee Meeting

General Committee Changes

Vice Captain position filled and Vice President position vacant

Queens Bar & Kitchen

Queens Bar & Kitchen off to a great start!

Club Membership Cards

Committee seeks to expand member benefits.

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We have had positive response from members who have received a card so far. A full run of cards will be issued to all financial members at the beginning of next season and will be valid for a year.

The committee are looking to expand the number of discount offers. If you have (or know of) a business that would like to participate in member offers, please email or speak with a committee member with the details. The offer will be sent to all members and will be promoted on our website and Facebook pages at no cost to the business!

Governance Review – Constitution and Strategic Plan

Forum to be held on Monday 6th June at 7pm!

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Jim Fogarty will be joining the Governance Review Sub-Committee to replace Bob Dickie who resigned. Thank you, Bob for your contribution to this Sub-Committee and welcome Jim!

A Members Forum will be held on Monday 6th June at 7pm in the Clubhouse to present the Queens Park Golf Club Strategic Plan – DRAFT to the members. The General Committee is looking for views, comments and suggestions from members of the Club to see if it meets with your approval.
It is a document that defines the purpose and values of Queens Park Golf Club, and sets the major goals to identify where we want to be in the upcoming years in terms of membership, governance, finance and player development.

New Constitution
The Governance Sub-Committee is meeting on Monday May 30 and will examine the Committee Structure.

Women’s Group Presentation

Golf Australia’s Female Engagement Manager to speak to members at the Club – all members welcome.

Megan Carr – Female Engagement Manager from Golf Australia will be at the Clubhouse after golf at 2pm on Wednesday 1st June. Her role is to elevate the growth of female participation in golf at all levels throughout Australia.

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Megan will deliver a presentation that covers the current state of women’s golf nationally and at the club level, current initiatives having an impact in the sport and what do the EO guidelines mean to our club and golfers.
Members are encouraged to stay after golf and welcome Megan to Queens Park. All members of the Club are invited to attend.
If there are other issues you would like Megan to cover, please telephone Janet Flitton on 0404 206 862.

Queens Park Golf Course

Protect Our Greens

Please don’t score the greens.

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The Match Committee requests that members do not score the greens with the NTP markers when marking the spot of the NTP position temporarily while putting on the green.  A ball marker can do the job without causing further damage.  Please consider others in this matter.

Queens Park Golf Course View

Course Maintenance

Course Supervisor’s Update

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Glenn, the Course Supervisor has agreed to provide a regular and informative report for members regarding the work of his team around the Course – what they plan to do, why they are doing it and the benefits it will provide.

During the months of April and May they will undertake the process of aerating the Greens with the use of solid tynes.  As the greens are very old and prone to holding water on top of the surface, especially in winter, this will allow the water to get deep down into the soil profile and root system, enabling the greens to breathe more and drain easily.  It will also assist in preventing disease and insect damage.  The process will occur three times during this period.