Event Types


Golf Events And How They Are Played


* These notes are only intended to assist in the general concept of how the various events are played.

* For details on how Club Trophy, Shield & Medal competitions are played, please see Conditions of Play


STROKE:  The score at each hole is entered on the scoreboard, totaled and the players full handicap deducted. The player who completes the round in the fewest strokes is the winner.

STABLEFORD: The method of playing stableford is for the player to take strokes at holes as in par competition using full handicap and to score points on the net result at each hole. At the end of the round all points scored are added up and the player having the highest number of points is the winner. In scoring, a player who scores a net one over par receives one point, for a net par two points, for the net one under par three points and for a net two under par four points and so on. When a player cannot better a net one over par the ball shall be picked up, this helps speed up play.

PAR: In par play the score is entered on the card the same way as in stroke play, the exception being where a score exceeds par for the hole, after allowing for handicap stroke (if the player is in receipt of one) the score need not be written in.

When a player is beaten by par, the ball shall be picked up. This helps speed up play.

After entering the stroke score on the card, the result is marked in the column provided with a “+” sign for a score better than net par, or an “0” for an equal to a net par, and a “-” for a score worse than a net par. At the end of the round the plus and minus signs are added and the net result written in as so many up, down, or all square. A player is allowed his full stroke handicap and the strokes are taken at the holes as indicated on the card.

FOUR BALL BEST BALL STABLEFORD: Played in exactly the same way as stableford except that the better ball of the partnership will be credited with the points. The initials of that player are also to be placed beside the score.

FOUR BALL BEST BALL PAR: To players play as partners each taking strokes as in par competition. If one of the players wins a hole and the other halves it, only the win shall count. If one player halves the hole and the other loses it, only the half is counted, and so on, plus (+)  and half (0) and minus (- ) are added up and recorded as in an ordinary par competition.

When a player cannot beat his partners result he shall pick up his ball, this helps speed up play.

NOTE  in a four ball handicap event care must be taken to mark the scores of each player with their initials. If this is not done it is impossible for the match committee to check the card and the players will be disqualified.

MIXED FOUR BALL BEST BALL versus PAR OR STABLEFORD: Those games are played as described previously except that the lady plays from her own tees,uses her own scorecard, local rules etc. The result is only transferred to her partners card when her score is better than his. Care must be taken when checking the card to refer to the lady’s card when dealing with holes scored by her.

FOURSOMES: Two players play as partners and use one ball. Player “A” hits off all odd numbered tees. Player “B” hits of all evennumbered tees. Alternate shots complete each hole. Penalties do not effect the order of play.

MIXED FOURSOMES: Mixed foursomes are played as above except that the ladies hit off the even numbered tees. use their own tees and local rules when it is their turn to play.

CANADIAN FOURSOMES: Played as above except that both players play tee shots and afterwards continue with whichever ball they nominate, the partner hitting the selected ball.

CANADIAN TWO STROKE/CHAPMANS: Both players play tee shots, hitting their own balls a second time then select the better ball (the partner to hit such ball) and thereafter continue as above.

GENTSOMES: Played in a similar format to Ambrose golf. Players are in teams on 4 and each player hits their ball from the tee. From here, the best ball is chosen and each player again hits from that position. Once each player has hit a ball from the position of the best drive, each player plays out the hole with his/her ball. Players are required to record their stableford score and the best two scores from the team of 4 for that hole are recorded.  Players use their individual handicap to score the stableford points for their team total.

Alternate rules such as each players drive must be selected at least 3 times or counting the best 3 scores from the team instead of 2 can also be added to the format.

PINEHURST: Both players play from the tee, and then play a second stroke with their partners ball. One ball is then selected and play proceeds as a foursomes with the partner playing the third shot with the selected ball.


NOTE: In Foursomes, Par, Stableford or 4BBB, each individual players name and handicap must appear on the card