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1. Rules of Play:

For all Club competition events they must be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as adopted by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of Scotland, in conjunction with such Local Rules which are applicable to Queens Park Golf Course

2. Match Committee:

The Match Committee will comprise of the Club Captain (Chair), Club President, Club Secretary, Club Vice-Captain, and Club Handicapper. Male or Female Members may be seconded onto the Match Committee as determined by the General Committee.

3. Handicaps:

Lady Members: The maximum Club & Australian Handicap is 45
Male Members: The maximum Club & Australian Handicap is 36

For both Lady and Male Members, a full member of a Golf Club registered with Golf Australia may sign a score card for gaining a handicap.

4. Guests:

Guests from other clubs may play six times a year in club competition but must be approved by the President or Captain upon each request, they are not eligible to win or qualify for special events listed in the Members Fixture Book, except Presidents Day.

5. Dress and Conduct:

Neat casual attire should be worn on the course and in the clubrooms.
The Club would appreciate that members refrain from wearing hats or caps in the main clubroom area.
Consuming alcohol or drugs on the course proper during competition games is not permitted.

6. Club Championships: Scratch/Stroke Event:

Club Championships for Male Members must be played each year and has priority over all Club events.

Qualifications to Play: Players must be full financial members of Queens Park Golf Club Inc. at the time of the first (1st) qualifying round of the Club Championships, and have been a member of the Queens Park Golf Club for six (6) months prior to the playing of the first (1st) qualifying round and hold a current GA handicap. If a member has not qualified for this period then it will be at the Match Committee’s discretion to allow the member to qualify. A member must have played and returned cards in no less than ten (10) singles competition events from the last current Club Championship rounds played, and until the first round of the forth coming Club Championships. If a player has not played in 10 rounds then it will be at the discretion of the Match Committee to give the member permission to play. Players chosen to represent the Club in any District events, shall have those games recorded as qualifying games. .

Rules of Play:

There will be three (3) qualifying rounds of stroke play (54 holes), to be played.
Once a Championship round has been played and completed, it must stand and be recorded. All other remaining Championship qualifying rounds are to be played and completed as soon as practicable.
After the completion of all of the qualifying rounds (54 holes) the top six (6) placed, players tied for 6th place and any player within six (6) strokes of the best qualifying score will qualify for the final round of their respective Championship grades.
The final round of the Club Championships are to be played on the following Saturday. On the completion of the final round, the Club Champion will be decided by the player with the lowest Gross/Scratch score of all Club Championship competitors. All other grades in the Club Championships will be decided by the lowest Gross/Scratch/Stroke score in their respective grades.
In the event of a tie for any grade in the Championships after the completion of the final round, a sudden death play-off format from the first hole, will be played until a result is achieved. In the event of a tie for the Runner-up Champion in any grade, this will be decided by a count back system system on the final round as recommended by the R & A Rules of Golf.
Senior and Junior: The Senior and Junior Club Championship will be decided after three (3) qualifying Club Championship rounds. In the event of a tie in either event, a further 18 holes will be played on the same day as the final round of the Club Championships. The same conditions of play will apply for the respective Champions and Runner-ups as in all other Championship grades.
Eligibility for Seniors: 60 years of age and older, juniors 18 years of age and younger, respectively.
The Match Committee will decide how many Championship Grades will contest for Club Championships.

7. Mixed Pinehurst Foursome Championships

Four pairs to qualify. – Final round will be Match Play asper Fixture in the Fixture Book

8. Eclectic Competitions

Winter and Summer Eclectic Events and entry fees are as per the Fixture Book. Scores from singles events in the Club fixtures are the only scores acceptable. Scores may be entered by the player at any time. Scores from disqualified cards are not acceptable.

9. Singles and Doubles Knock-out Events:

Singles: Stroke event – 16 players to qualify
Doubles: Par event – 8 pairs to qualify

Players competing in match play matches are to take note that strokes for all knockout matches will be played as per the stroke index on the score card.

The qualifying rounds will be held on the dates set down in the Fixture Book. Each round in both events is to be completed by the dates shown, or the players concerned will be subject to disqualification at the discretion of the Match Committee. The player(s) first named in each match shall be deemed to be the challenger(s) and will be responsible for arranging the match. In the event of the players not being able to agree on a suitable time and date to play, the Match Committee will allot a time and date.
In the event of a match being undecided after 18 holes of play, the match will continue from the 19th hole until a result is achieved.
All knock-outs are to be played from the back markers. In the case of flooding or when temporary greens are in play, permission to play may be granted at the discretion of the Match Committee. No matches are to be played concurrently with competition rounds. Games may be played on any day of the week. The number of strokes and where taken are to be as indicated on the current score card. Maximum handicap of 36 to applies.

10. Time Sheet

Saturday Competitions:

Time slots are allocated to Male and lady Members for Saturday competition events. For two weeks prior to each event, the time-sheet will be available on-line at the club website, members without internet access must contact the Pro-shop to add or cancel themselves from the time-sheet. Members must pay the nominated entry fee to reserve a booking and to play in the competition field.
Additional booking times are available by entering your name in a vacant time slot or by arrangement with the Captain or the nominated Pro Shop representative. One player may enter four players names on the time sheet, on the same line where there are vacancies.
All players must notify the Pro Shop if they are not available to play on the allotted time by Friday prior to the Saturday event. Failure to do so may at the Match Committees discretion incur a penalty.
All players must report to the Pro Shop on arrival and be ready to hit off 30 minutes prior to their tee-off time. Frequent offenders will incur a penalty from the Match Committee. The field will not be held up for late comers.
A player cancelling from a 4BBB mixed or similar event is obliged to notify their partner(s). The field will not be held up for late comers and they will be called at a later time if space is available as directed by the Pro-shop attendants.

11. Competition Fees:

The entry fee for all events will be determined by the Match Committee from time to time, any increase in fees, must be ratified by the General Committee.

12. Competition Entry Conditions:

All players must report to the Pro – shop and pay the competition fee.
To obtain a score card: Enter your last three digits of your Golf Link card and all necessary information to play will be recorded on the score card. The computorised score card will normally be the only card accepted for all Club events.
In the event of a systems breakdown: In the event of the computer system not operating, enter your name on the competition sheet provided, obtain a green fee score card and enter your entry number, name and handicap on the card.

13. Nearest the Pins events:
For all Club events, if a player is disqualified for not completing, during or after the completion of his or her specified round, any N.T.P. won by that player will be still awarded to him or her. Nearest the pins are not an integral part of any Club event.

14. Rulings and Complaints:

All complaints and queries on rulings, etc. regarding the playing of golf matters are to be directed to the Captain or his/her representative, All of these concerns will be dealt with by the Match Committee and its decision shall be final.

15. Course Ground-staff:

Ground staff: No member(s) shall approach the City of Greater Geelong Green Staff. This is the prerogative of the Club Captain with input from the Lady Captain, on matters concerning the golf course and its facilities. Administration: Members must direct his or her enquiries or complaints in writing to the Club Secretary for consideration by the General Committee. No member is to approach the City of Greater Geelong regarding matters concerning the Administration of the Golf Club, but direct their query through the Club Secretary.

16. Hole in One:

The only Club members’ names that can go on the “Hole in One” board are those obtained in a sanctioned Queens Park event.

Selling of competition/raffle tickets or canvassing of members to buy such tickets for outside organisations without the permission of the General Committee is prohibited.

17. Eagle’s Nest:

The Eagle’s Nest for Saturday competitions will be a maximum of four balls (4) balls for the first week and one (1) ball every week until the next eagle is scored or to a maximum of twelve (12) balls is achieved. If more than one (1) player scores an eagle on the same day, the Eagle’s Nest will be shared between them.
If more than one player scores an eagle on the same day, the Eagle’s Nest will be shared between them.
The Eagle’s Nest for the mid-week competitions will be the same, except there will be two (2) balls the first week with a maximum limit of six (6) balls..

18. Saturday and Mid-week Competitions:

Nearest the pin markers must be available to all players. In the event of any markers not available to groups competing in the competition, then there will be no nearest the pins awarded, except for the designated holes that have had nearest the pins placed out in their respective grades.

19. Grade allocations for Saturday and Mid-week competitions: (Male Members)

Allocation of Grades for Saturday and Mid-week competitions:
Allocation of prize vouchers:

“A” Grade –0 to 13
“B” Grade – 14 to 20
“C” Grade – 21 to 36
For 8 to 40 players there will be one (1) grade
For 41 to 80 players there will be two (2) grades
For 81 or more there will be three (3) grades
$10 for all Nearest the pins (this is at the Match Committees discretion)
Lady Members’ Voucher allocation:
Ladies competition prize vouchers will be at the discretion of the Ladies Match Committee. Any changes to these vouchers must be ratified by the General Committee.

20. Payment of Annual Membership Subscriptions

The annual subscription (except as to a new member) is due and payable in advance on the first day of July in each year. If the annual subscription is not paid by the thirty first day of July, the member will cease to be a member and shall be removed from the register of members.

Full obligatory Insurance.
Is applicable to all members

Any new member elected to membership in addition to the entrance fee shall pay a pro-rata amount of the annual subscription for that year.

Yearly Membership fees: Yearly Membership fees MUST be presented to the Annual General Meeting in each for approval by the Members.

21. Conditions of Play:

Lady and Male Members Conditions of Play and Special Events are an integral part of the Queens Park Golf Club Inc. By-Laws.

Any changes to the Ladies Conditions of Play will be given to the Club Secretary.

The use of ride-on carts will be allowed in all Club competitions.

22. Ride-on Carts:

The use of ride-on carts, is allowed in all Club Competitions.

Lady Member’s Voucher allocation:
Disbursement of Ladies match fees will be at the discretion of the Match Committee of the Ladies Sub-committee. Any changes to these fees must be ratified by the General Committee.

23. Members’ Special Events Conditions of Play
The Members’ Special Events Conditions of Play are an integral part of the Queens Park Golf Club Inc. By-Laws.

24. Slow Play. Slow play will be closely monitored and players maybe penalised, at the discretion of the Match Committee in accordance with Rule of Golf 6-7.