GA Removal of COVID19 Rules of Golf and the impact on MiScore: 

MiScore will be converted to ‘partner score submission’ with ‘dual signature capture’ from the 27th April for all clubs aligning with the R&A rule change. Please see link below.


Miscore App – Update 15 April 2023  and End of Life Devices

As part of our ongoing improvement process from time to time we need to make essential updates to the MiScore App and our systems. These enhancements include important updates to add additional functionality, improved performance and essential security and privacy enhancements.

To provide our services it is essential that a MiScore app user’s mobile phone be kept up to date with the latest operating systems from apple/google. Having current phone operating systems are essential because they provide a stable, secure, and user-friendly environment for users to communicate, access information, and perform various tasks.

Over time older mobile phones typically 7+ years of age become obsolete and are no longer capable of receiving operating system updates hence restricting or blocking the access to the MiScore App (and other apps). The minimum requirement is IOS 13 for iOS and Android 8.0 for Android.

From the 15th April MiClub will be pushing out an essential update which will make some older devices obsolete due to the operating system not being current. This means that members who run MiScore on these devices will no longer be able to use MiScore.

These obsolete devices will include:

Apple Devices unable to update to iOS 13 include

  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone‌ 6
  • iPhone‌ 6 Plus
  • iPad mini 2
  • iPad mini‌ 3

Android devices unable to update to Android 8.0 include

  • Samsung Galaxy J3
  • LG Stylo 2 & 3
  • HTC U11 Life
  • Motorola Moto E4

Should a member have one of the devices listed above they will need to obtain another device which meets minimum requirements or obtain a paper scorecard for competition scoring.

Note: if the member has a paid subscription for MiScore it will be required that they cancel their subscription via the app store subscription management area if they have decided not to continue to use MiScore.

To clarify the minimum system requirements please find the MiScore device compatibility site.


Use of the MiScore App is the preferred method of scoring during most club competition rounds.

With the MiScore App you can easily calculate and submit scores, measure distance, track time played, view leaderboards and more.


A club subscription to MiScore is included in all Queens Park Golf Club full adult and junior memberships.
Just download the App to start scoring with MiScore for free whenever you’re playing at the Queens Park Golf Course.

To use the app at another facility, you can subscribe personally through your app store at an extra fee payable to MiClub.

Visitors who have their own MiScore subscription can also use the App at the Queens Park Golf Course.


MiScore is compatible with most 4G smartphones and MiClub Support is always happy to help if you run into any problems.


Follow this easy step by step process to download the MiScore app and activate your club subscription.

MiScore is available from the Apple App Store on Apple phone or Google Play Store on Android phones. Search “miscore” and tap download.

The app will be saved to your device.

This is a one time registration. Once completed, you will be using your 1golf/MiClub login details to login to the MiScore App. You will need to know your Apple, Google, Facebook or Email username and password for this step.

  • Open the MiScore app
    Select the MiScore app icon to open the app and wait for the new update to download and install.
  • Create app profileTo help MiScore identify you as a user, you will need to create an app profile containing an email address and password.
    • Select “Create Profile” on the blue button at the bottom of the screen.
    • Accept terms and conditions: review the MiScore app License Agreement and Privacy Policy. Click “I Agree” to accept and continue.
    • Create a profile: An app profile can be created using any of the following login methods:
      – Apple
      – Google
      – Facebook
      – Email
      When creating an account with email, you will be sent a verification notification to your nominated email address to complete the signup.

1. Open the MiScore App
Tap the icon on your mobile to open the app.

2. Add your club
Tap + and type your club’s name. Tap your club to select it. You can add multiple clubs by repeating this step. Any club added is saved to your device.

3. Login and start scoring
Login with the same username and password that you use to log into the club website when making a booking. Click on “Scoring”

4. Confirm starting hole & playing partner
Confirm your starting hole. All players in your tee group are listed to select from. Click “Continue to Scoring”.

5. Score entry
Enter each players score for the hole. You can press P for Pick-up or PAR to adjust the score. Use + or – buttons to further adjust total score.

6. Next hole
Swipe left to go to the next hole. Swipe right for the previous hole. You easily amend scores by swiping back.

7. Confirm scores
Once all hole scores are entered correctly, check the final scores to confirm they are correct. You can tap the players’ name to view the full scorecard.

8. Sign on screen
When final scores are confirmed, use your finger to sign on the space provided. Tap “Clear” or “Undo” to erase the previous signature and start again.

9. Submit scores
Complete the scoring process by submitting your scores. A blue tick will appear on the screen once you have successfully submitted the scores.


While it is only in its infancy as at August 2021, it does work as long as the player only enters scores for his/her partner when playing a round. Unfortunately putting scores are wiped if the player enters a score record for an additional player at the end of the round.

  • Access to putting scores can only be seen by the player, who can confirm putts at the end of the round as with scores.
  • They are then available to download by the competition results person at completion of the round.
  • It does not show count backs as yet.

To start recording putts, go to ‘Settings’ in the MiScore app and tap ‘Putts Enabled’. The switch icon will appear red when disabled and blue when enabled. By default, putts will be disabled. It is the golfer’s choice to enable putts.

When on, after you enter the gross score on a hole and swipe left, the putts entry interface will be shown.

You can disable this at any time during the round via settings.

This feature is ideal for Monthly Medal Stroke rounds that have in-conjunction putting comps.

The course will be setup in the backend of the MiScore App to take into account any holes that are out of play.

In competition rounds, the correct course will already be chosen.

In social rounds, you just need to choose the correct course from within the MiScore App. eg. it might be called something like ‘Temporary Course’.

  1. Ensure your battery is fully charged before starting your round
  2. Check that you have battery saving mode switched on in your phone settings
  3. Turn off any background apps that you’re not using
  4. Turn off location services in MiScore settings. Please Note: this will also disable GPS
  5. Turn your phone off between score entries
  6. Try turning on Airplane/Flight Mode on your phone (if you can be out of contact for a while). Please Note: this will disable GPS. Just make sure to turn it back off to submit your scores.

Keep entering your scores, they’ll upload once you’re back in range.

That’s fine. Enter their scores as player and your’s as marker and make sure you both confirm your scores with each other, within the app and on the physical scorecard, before you sign in the signature spot and submit your partners score. When you submit your round, both scores will upload. The Club Captain or Lady Handicapper will then retrieve your scores and enter them manually, confirming scores match the scorecard submitted by your playing partner not using the MiScore app.

AT THE END OF THE ROUND – One person with the MiScore App can mark all others in the group if need be. The App user can submit/finalise the first score that they’re marking, then hit the scoring tab at the bottom again, pick another player and enter their scores. You need to select starting hole (1st) when on the next player, and enter the scores for all the subsequent players you want to enter. Markers score is already there and doesn’t need to be entered after the first time.


  • Anyone that does not use the MiScore app must still fill in a scorecard and submit it. Even though their partner uses the MiScore app.
  • Scorecards must be signed, with two signatures (marker & player) and submitted by all players not using the MiScore app.
  • You must fill out a manual scorecard to record your and your playing partner’s scores. (You as marker and partner as player). At the end of the round make sure you both confirm your scores with each other before your partner submits the scores in the MiScore app. The scorecard must also be submitted. It must have two signatures on the card. (Cards can now be transferred for signing by both players.) The card will be used for confirming scores of your playing partner using the MiScore app and yourself.
  • If NO-ONE in your group has MiScore, please take green fee cards from the pro-shop and fill out….
    • Players Name
    • Markers Name
    • Players Golflink number
    • Players Daily Handicap
    • Date of Play
    • Card must be legible to be manually entered. Please print your names in CAPITALS
    • Marker and player to sign signatures on scorecard. Verbal confirmation of scores must still occur before being submitted.
    • To Submit a Scorecard – Please leave it in box, if provided, or hand into Pro shop before you leave.
  • Ensure your phone’s operating system is up to date
  • MiScore requires a phone with a least 4G access. If you have an older phone with only 3G or less, unfortunately you won’t be able to use the app on that phone. You will need to use a Green Fee card as above.

No, MiScore is a mobile app only. You need to have an Android or Apple mobile device to use MiScore.

First, check out MiScore help & support here https://miscorehelp.miclub.com.au/support/home

Still need help, please email clubadministrator@queensparkgolfclub.com with your question and we’ll respond as soon as possible.