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Sat03/09/22Women’s 2 Person Ambrose
Sat03/09/22Men’s 4BBB Stableford – TBA
Thu01/09/22Men’s Midweek Stroke
Wed31/08/22Women’s Irish Fourball
Tue30/08/22Men’s Midweek Par
Sat27/08/22Women’s Saturday Stroke & Putting
Sat27/08/22Men’s Saturday Stableford
Thu25/08/22Men’s Midweek Par
Wed24/28/22Women’s Midweek Stableford
Tue23/08/22Men’s Midweek Stableford
Sat20/08/22Men’s Saturday Stroke
Sat20/08/22Women’s Saturday Par
Thu18/08/22Men’s Midweek Par
Wed17/08/22Women’s Midweek Stroke & Putting
Tue16/08/22Men’s Midweek Stroke
Sat13/08/22Women’s Saturday Stableford
Sat13/08/22Men’s Saturday Par
Thu11/08/22Men’s Midweek Stroke
Wed10/08/22Women’s Midweek Stableford
Tue09/08/22Men’s Midweek Par
Sat06/06/22Men’s Ambrose (Partner)
Sat06/08/22Women’s Saturday Stroke & Putting
Thu04/08/22Men’s Midweek Stableford
Wed03/08/22Women’s Midweek Stroke & Putting
Tue02/08/22Men’s Midweek Stableford
Sat30/07/22Women’s Saturday Stableford
Sat30/07/22Men’s Saturday Stableford
Thu28/07/22Men’s Midweek Par
Wed27/07/22Women’s Foursomes Stableford
Tue26/07/22Men’s Midweek Stroke
Sat23/07/22Men’s Saturday Par
Sat23/07/22Women’s Saturday Par
Thu21/07/22Men’s Midweek Stroke
Wed20/07/22Women’s Midweek Par
Tue19/07/22Men’s Midweek Par
Sat16/07/22Men’s Saturday Stableford
Sat16/07/22Women’s Saturday Stableford
Thu14/07/22Men’s Midweek Stroke
Wed13/07/22Women’s Midweek Stroke & Putting
Tue12/07/22Men’s Midweek Stableford
Sat09/07/22Men’s Saturday Stroke
Sat09/07/22Women’s Saturday Stroke & Putting
Thu07/07/22Men’s Midweek Par
Wed06/07/22Women’s Midweek Stableford
Tue05/07/22Men’s Midweek Stroke
Sat02/07/22Men’s Saturday Stableford
Sat02/07/22Women’s Saturday Stroke & Putting

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