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    • PUTTING TIPS How often to pros make a 10-foot putt?
      on 11/11/2021

      Getting tired of missing most of your putts? Maybe it’s not as bad as you think. We’ve been keeping an eye on the “Aussie Golf Pros” Youtube Channel for a while now and we liked this one from Glen Haynes busting a myth about one particular […]

    • GOLF RULES What happens when your ball comes to rest against a rake?
      on 11/11/2021

      Here is a simple, visual explainer on what happens when your golf ball finishes up against a bunker rake. Australian golf rules guru David Blake has been answering a series of questions at his GolfRules Questions YouTube Channel. You can also follow […]

    • The Athena golf tournament returns to Melbourne in 2022 with a twist
      on 11/11/2021

      Female golfers throughout Australia will have the opportunity to play alongside 10 rising stars of Australian and New Zealand professional golf as The Athena returns to the WPGA Tour of Australasia schedule in 2022. The Athena, a compact two-day […]